How to Keep Friendship With Your Ex? 5 Mistakes and Solutions

Want to Keep Friendship With Your Ex?

If You Want to Keep Friendship With Your Ex Boyfriends or girlfriends Then We have some Great Tips For You!!
Because after breaking the Relation Most of the People wanted to keep a Good Friendship With their ex.. And it's also a Good things and a Smart Habit..
So Follow these Tips and we sure you will definitely loves this Tips...

How to Keep Friendship With Your Ex? 5 Mistakes and Solutions

It is not a Big Issue that who broke the Relation First, just Avoid it and don't talk about your current Relation.

It is difficult to maintain friendship with the ex lover or girlfriend. All depends on how the relationship breaks down. Unrelenting anger, unexpressed feelings, and other confusing emotion can be continuous in the mind and mind. Only contact is not limited to the former partner you may sometimes have to endure. But what are the rules for those who really want to maintain a close friendship with their ex? Here are some things to look forward to never having to face in the past.

5 Most Common Mistakes and its Solutions

  • Conversations with your New Relationship

It can be really dangerous. Especially if you start a new friendship after breaking up with a former partner then it is better to not talk about current love or relationships. Asking them about their romantic life is not only uncomfortable, but the possibility of your friendship can end immediately.
So try to avoid about your current affairs.

( Kabhi bhi Aapke new Relation ke baare mein baat mat Karna hai)

  • Your current dating

It is not a big issue that broke the first relationship. It is better to avoid open talk about who wants to go with me now. There is no reason to say that you are excited about the old relationship, and do not think that you are avoiding envy to your partner.

(Apko Apne new dating Ke baare mein bhi koi baat nehi Karna hai)

  • Remembered Yours Memories

Let's go. Thinking about how good you spent together before and after all, it means that you can not get out of those moments, not even from that person. So if you try to keep friendships away, then remove yourself from the past happiness.
So Don't Talk about those memories.... It's very Serious.

(Friendship aage barane ke liye apki purane baate mat Yaad Karo,kiuki isse apke ex ko lagega ki aap isse bhul nehi payee aur phir se unhe chate ho)

  • Fall back into old patterns

While maintaining a friendship with anyone, ex or not, requires occasional contact via phone or computer, don't start texting or calling your ex on a daily basis. This will inevitably create a false hope of getting back together. Don't Be serious over your ex and give him time like your others friends but not so many times.
So Don't Fall back into your old routine with him or her.
Behave like a simple friend.

(Aap apne ex ko utna bhi time maat do Jaise aap pehele dete the,but ek acche friends ko jitna dete Hai utna jarur do)

  • The possibility of getting back to the relationship

If you think of getting back to relations once, it is better to be lagging behind than friendship. Because, in fact, you can not get out of old relationships, because you are not so likely to become friends of each other.
 Then you can be get back your old Relationship..

(Agar aap Relationship ko firse paane ki kosis karte Hai to Aap Uske acche friends nehi ban payoge but Relationship firse back pa sakte hai)

How to Keep Friendship With Your Ex? 5 Mistakes and Solutions

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